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Dead Sea Mineral Bar Soap


One With Nature's Triple Milled Dead Sea Mineral Bar Soaps with Dead Sea Salts are bright in color, rich in scent and fun all around. Like all of One With Nature's soaps, the Bar Soaps start with a 100% vegetable base and doesn't include artificial colors or fragrances. You're going to love the way it leaves your skin feeling refreshed, smoother and softer.

About The Dead Sea: A Truly Unique Resource

The therapeutic powers of the Dead Sea have been acclaimed for thousands of years, and have been widely used to treat acne, psoriasis and other skin disorders, as well as being used in the skin care regiments since the time of Cleopatra. Located at the earth's lowest point of elevation, the Dead Sea has a greater solid content than any other body of water. The salts and muds found here are abundantly rich in sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium and bromine. The mineral salts from the Dead Sea are unique for their high proportion of potassium and magnesium ions and its relatively low sodium ion content.

The healing minerals of the Dead Sea stimulate blood circulation and accelerate the natural exfoliation process, restoring the skin to its natural pH balance. The mineral-rich Dead Sea nourishes and revitalizes skin cells and has deep cleansing and purifying qualities, drawing toxins from the body.

This combination contributes to the allure and mystique of the Dead Sea and its renowned therapeutic properties.

Saving The Dead Sea: It's Not Too Late!

The Dead Sea is shrinking at a rate of one meter per year and could disappear completely if action is not taken in the next 25-50 years; making one of the world's most unique environments simply disappear. The reasons are complicated - a hotter and dryer climate, diversion of water inflows from the Jordan, and to a lesser extent, commercial mineral harvesting. Despite the fact that only a small part of this harvesting is related to the personal care industry with most going for larger scale commercial purposes such as potash, One With Nature believes that they(and the personal care industry in general) has a special obligation to take steps to protect the Dead Sea.

One With Nature has begun this commitment with a partnership and series of donations to an organization called Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME). FoEME is helping to lead an international effort to investigate and promote large scale efforts to re-invigorate the Dead Sea. These efforts include the Red-Dead Conduit Project (an ambitious effort to study the feasibility of connecting the Red Sea and Dead Sea to help preserve the Dead Sea, and provide new sources of drinking water) and several projects to rehabilitate the River Jordan, which connects the Dead Sea to the Sea of Galilee. One With Nature doesn’t yet know which of these projects makes the most sense (or perhaps the best plan has yet to be developed), but they believe that it is important to immediately support practical, outcome oriented research.

It is just a start, but by raising awareness and donating a portion of their profits to FoEME's Dead Sea preservation efforts, One With Nature hopes to contribute to a solution, helping to preserve the Dead Sea for future generations.

One With Nature is 100% Natural

One With Nature is dedicated to crafting only the finest skin care products. Care is taken to design, develop and manufacture One With Nature's products in harmony with nature and their customer's needs. One With Nature is also committed to preserving the Dead Sea through their partnership with FoEME (Friends of the Earth Middle East).

Environmental consciousness is the cornerstone of One With Nature's business. One With Nature's soaps have a 100% vegetable base and do not include artificial colors, fragrances or animal ingredients of any kind. One With Nature's eye-catching colors result from a blend of plant and naturally-occurring mineral pigments found in the diverse climate zones of the region. The rich scents come from pure essential oils or other 100% natural sources.

* [1] Note: Unless otherwise noted, this product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our natural products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.